Updates, updates and updates!


May has just started, but man now it's getting a bit heavy, but it's gonna contain some heavy things to work on.

 Personal Site

So, a couple of things have been done to my personal website, like for example, the Current/Past works page now doesn't break awfully on Safari. Turns out it's the only browser in existance (that I know of) that stretches the elements from a flexbox by default, which I still do not understand to this day.

 Archive related changes

It's now Open Source.

Yep, the archive is now open for everyone to contribute and send over new entries or fixing stuff or whatever.

Keep in mind, I'm still not exactly planning for automation of the whole thing, in fact I was recommended not to do it, because of the problems later with integration and scheduling and maybe Github making a hickup at times, so it'll still be manually updated by myself when there's significant updates.

 Mailing List

So, the original StepMania repository (The one from SourceForge) had a Mailing list which contains the emails exchanged of conversations with the developers, commits and bug reports, and it has such a massive ammount of history inside of it, so that is also getting backed up. It's a slow process so far, given that SF doesn't provide a way to mass-download the archive of the Mailing list, only to the administrators of the project - which I know by this point are long gone from the project - so I decided to do the next best thing to perform this backup process, scrapping each entry from the list.

This process was a bit tricky, given how bloated the SourceForge page has gotten, so a bunch of elements had to be taken out, but it also turned out that a bunch of those elements had deeper and deeper divs which just made the process more convoluted to get rid of. In the end, I ended up with a good starting point to then convert each entry as plain text. I could've made each entry markdown so they can support links, but I'm keeping it safe for now given that the attachments from the mails can contain sensitive and possibly dangerous files, some examples of those are Aug 2003, where a bunch of the emails were spam and A LOT of malware in many forms (wav, exe, png, and others), and an email circa 2002 where someone just posted a picture of themselves as a kid. I still don't know the reason why that picture was sent on the developer channel, but its there.

 (WIP) Table sorting

I'm working on adding support for sorting on the tables for the Builds Archive, so it should be possible to sort each entry by date and name, to make it easier to find elements on each category.