21 years


I just turned 21. It is like 1 am as I'm writing this, but well, at least it's gonna be something.

I had planned to make a video similar to what I've done back when I turned 18, but I had the thought 3 days before this so there was no way I was going to do something similar to that given all of the stuff I now work on these days.

But anyways, now I want to reflect on what has happened this year. It has been an interesting one, aside from all of the stuff outside. For example, the StepMania Archive has grown and it has served quite a bit for people who want to play old versions of the game and look for older themes, which I'm glad for. One use I do wish it could be used for is research purposes, given the archive now contains quite a bit of history of StepMania for the past 20 years, but haven't seen it put to good use during the archive's 3 years of existance (started on december 2017). Maybe it has been lack of advertisement for the website or something, I'm not sure, but I don't want to do that.

Another thing I've started to see is a ridiculous ammount of people getting introduced to the game, and that is wild but also fun. It's been lovely talking with people who have asked about how the game works and everything, and detailing descriptions about how much they can customize the engine.

This brings me to OutFox, and man, it's still a blast to work on this, even though most of the time is taking out everything that the older devs have done because most of is either deprecated or doesn't even work on modern systems. We're still at it though.

Would like to appreciate kkclue for (semi)-introducing the engine to their audience, it was like a extremely brief moment that the game was introduced, because it focused way more about the controllers that you could use with it, but it showcased the engine. (Also thanks for the shoutout buddy [even though it was just a fine print on the description], 'preciate it)

Another event that has happened, I've started to get my feet back up with my university grades, like massive improvement. I finally got rid of the classes I was dragging since the start of my carrer, and I can catch up with the rest. It is quite the lesson I've learned now that this is done, where I spent the first year and a half of university just messing around and doing other stuff for my porfolio (like the animations, and the themes, although would you even call that portfolio worthy?), that has caused me to really not pay attention to classes upon that time.

Uh... other things... um...


I've uh...

I mean, I began to get better on blender, as you might've noticed on the images in this website. Haven't done anything mayor with it however, as I'm still working on the skeleton for Copy, and it's facial structure; but also because I haven't really gotten any ideas to animate.

And then uh...

I got some games for my switch, but I can't really play them because I work on OutFox.

Have I really not done that many things this year...?

huh. Well then.