Reconsidering about donations


So it's been about a month since I've made the post about asking for donations, and, I can confidentally say: I really didn't need it at this moment. Sure, the move happened, and it was tight financially, but I've been able to get through it by having some side jobs, which led to the question: do I really need to have a way for people to donate for my work?

I've been creating content for almost a full decade now, and there have been a few moments where my work has innovated others, such as themes, modfiles, and coding practices, but I've never really asked for anything in return; And right now, I really think I shouldn't. While a lot of people really like my work, I don't see enough value to give me something in return.

It's funny considering that a lot of people in the past have told me to open some kind of way that people can support me, but I never did. My stuff got more popular, and those same messages got more scarce, but noticeable. A lot of times, people keep saying something like "Oh, imma buy you a new mic or something" during my streams, and I just kept thinking if its either a joke, or a genuine action they might perform.

There were two reasons that I opened the ko-fi: The moving situation and me thinking that it would be worse that I've expected initially, and everyone else that I've usually hang around with that also make content like this, have donations set up and everything. I obviously don't know if they have gained anything after opening said donation options, but I shouldn't be the seeker into finding about how they're doing it.

So far, I've just earned money by working on side jobs and the savings money my family gives me every week, and I think it'll be enough until I graduate. Will I ever open up for donations then? Eh, maybe not for the next few years, unless I get a job.