My old OpenITG Themes


Back in 2016-17, I started getting interest on how themes are made in OpenITG, which was the main SM fork I played on alongside SM5.0.8. Given this interest, I just made themes left and right, nonstop, for over two years; most of them never finished as I've kept switching between which one to work on, until I burned out in 2018, after the last release of Simply Love Gooder (Jose's Unofficial Visual Modification).

After that burnout, I moved on to SM5 theming, and the rest is history.

Given that people really wanted to use these themes, and so the fact that I've even showed several of them previously on a video on my channel, I decided that it's better late than ever to finally release the themes as they were. Again, they're incomplete themes, so you may experience crashes, freezes, missing items, and many other things.