Un Theme à la SuperNOVA pour Stepmania !

Version 28 available here : NewNOVAE alpha2 (14MB)

Here we go again, a new theme for OpenITG, and NotITG.

       Screens will come!


The following is a work of porting and completing an old 2006 theme that was abandonded by is06, who wanted to make a SuperNova-Like theme for Stepmania 3.9.

Unfortunately, it was discontinued quite a little fast, and the last version was the 2nd Alpha back in late 2006. Today, I'm releasing this version for OpenITG-NotITG, where I pretty much completed the theme on my own.

If I could know who were the original people involved into this project, I would like to show them this port, and say thanks for making this theme, even if it wasn't completed at all, because it was one that really hooked me, and it impressed me by the level of detail and care.


Initial versions of the theme were quite going smoothly, that was until i had to make a new version of the Difficulty list, because OpenITG handles it on a completely different way unlike how StepMania 3.9 does it. But after around 2 hours, i managed to make it work.

I later fixed waaaay more things, such as stage numbers, which ended up being a number system, character support, which required a layer hack that i made in the DWI theme to make it work, the timer to hide, which again, was also already in the DWI theme...


I would like to thank MadkaT for helping me finding this theme after so many years, because it was hard to find it, and even then, hard to find a complete copy of the thing. So thanks man. And also the UKSRT Discord, for continued feedback, even if it was sometimes for jokes, I still had a good time there while developing the theme.

So, this marks another footstep in my OpenITG-NotITG theming journey, and I still remain strong after almost 2 complete years doing it, and there's no sign of stopping. Thanks for everything! Hope you enjoy this theme, I know there are some people who waited a lot for this, hope the wait was worth it. See you on the next theme!

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