DDR PC Edition M1

The very first version of the game ever made, developed by Chris Danford from May to August of 2001.

A list of features, as written by Chris on his website:

  • 4 pad support! Now 4 people can play single at the same time, and 2 people can play Double on the same set of notes!
  • MP3 support - no more uncompressed WAVs!
  • Use any AVI or MPG video as the dancing background - even music videos!
  • Full DirectInput support for PC gamepads, and PSX gamepad support with a PSX-USB converter.
  • Simpler song directory structure. Everything needed to play a song goes in one directory.
  • Record your own .steps files by actually dancing to the song! No more editing pages of steps in notepad.

As for progress on this build, he mentions the following:

  • All graphics, sound, input, and sprite libraries are complete.
  • Input mapping configuration is complete
  • Menu system is complete
  • Song Selection, Step Selection, and Results states are 80% complete.
  • The gameplay is 100% playable, but a few of the details (dancing score, health meter) are still unimplemented.
  • The 2x-double-pad and 4x-single-pad game modes are complete.