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  • If you want the source files for these builds -if i get enough requests- I'll start searching for them too.
  • Some build dates might be wrong. The ones marked with "?" are builds that I was not able to find their exact build dates and thus, are my predictions. If you know the date of the build, please let me know.
  • Most links will send you to their available sites to download, if any of those is down, i'll provide a download replacement for it.
  • More obscure SM versions (Alphas, Betas, Release Candidates) are being added, so come back regularly to find more!
  • Old Mac Builds (from 3.9 to 3.95) use PowerPC architecture! You'll need a PowerPC Mac or use a emulator like SheepShaver running MacOS X to run them as modern Macs (2009 - recent) have PowerPC removed and have been replaced with Intel x64 architecture.
  • Build dates are in MONTH/DAY/YEAR.

Archive Updates - 12/May/24 (Past Updates)

Tools Archive

Themes Archive

▸ DDR PC Edition

▸ StepMania 0.9x

▸ StepMania 1.64

▸ StepMania 3.0

▸ StepMania 3.9

▸ StepMania 3.95 (Main and Based builds)

▸ OpenITG based builds

▸ NotITG based builds

▸ StepMania 4.0 Normal/CVS Builds

▸ SM-SSC - StepMania 5.0 Alpha/Beta Builds

▸ SM-SSC - StepMania 5.0 Custom Builds

▸ StepMania 5

▸ Etterna

▸ Project OutFox

▸ ITGmania

▸ ITGmania Custom Builds