In The Groove 1 (May 2003 Alpha)

This is the earliest build known to be existant in the wild of In The Groove.

Some elements from this build noting as a comparison from the Roxor website back from the day (Dating December 2003):

  • Duo battle is present but not actually fully working. Attacks can be achieved and sent to a mysterious third opponent that is running on the background as the attacks are not sent to the accompanying player.

  • Most songs shown on the first screenshot are not present, they would start to appear on the July alpha and onwards.

  • Seems to be the first build to have the 3D wheel implemented...?

  • VerTex is credited to Kyle Ward in this version, not ZigZag.

  • Tempest mode (As seen in one of the screenshots), an unique perspective mod is present, and it's only current known build to have it.

  • This build features a GrooveBar, which is the triangle representation of the stats seen on the Music Wheel. It had some iterations before being taken out (even being present on OpenITG) during the SM4 transition.

  • It comes with three noteskins, which have lighting embeded into them to reflect from the metal border, depending on their current position and player's current perspective.

  • Up until the beta, the game only carries three difficulties: Chill, Jam and Killer, which contrasts with the available difficulties that SM3.0 already had.

  • It contains several versions of the theme, with varying grades of progress and stability.

  • The difficulty selection screen (on groove.not-cvs) theme has no limit of what difficulty to pick, so you can go out of bounds on the selection.

  • the itg_mode theme contains unmodified graphics of the illustrations on the style selection icons

  • Similar to StepMania 3.0, pressing start at any point on any ScreenOptions generated screen will instantly end the screen and save settings.

  • This version of the theme has support up to 7 stages (including final).

Demonstration footage. while showcasing the tempest perspective mod. Huge thanks to Nhan for recording the footage.