Not In The Groove Version 4.0.1

NotITG changelog - version 4.0.1 (26/01/2020)


  • D3D has been removed
  • Anything that uses tanclip will behave differently
    • Tanclip now actually clips tan waves used by modifiers. 100%+ = no tan wave.
    • Files that used tanclip in the past have been updated by Ky_Dash.

💡 New Features!

  • FailP1MessageCommand and P2 has been added
    • This will also trigger with FailOff enabled when health reaches 0
  • Added GAMESTATE:GetCurBPM() : number
    • Returned value will be more accurate than GAMESTATE:GetCurBPS()*60
  • Added Song:GetTimingData() : table BPMs, table stops
    • It returns two tables, each are sorted by beat.
    • BPMs contains the beat and the new BPM
    • stops contains the beat and the duration of the stop in seconds
  • Profile:GetHighScoreForSongAndSteps, Profile:ClearHighScoresForSongAndSteps and Profile:ClearHighScoresForSong also accept a Song instead of a String as its first argument

🐛 Bugfixes

  • GetEffectY and GetEffectZ now returns the correct values
  • MovieTextures no longer reset when looping or when showing a static image
  • Vertex and fragment shaders behave again
  • Multiple edits with the same steps, but with different names, show up again
  • Hidden regions and note type mults are now cleared on ctrl+0
  • UNLOCKSTEPS%d no longer crashes on load.
  • Graph on ScreenEvaluation fits within its frame now
  • Graph on ScreenEvaluation now FINALLY properly unscales rate-mods.
  • tipsyoffset has been fixed
  • Report issue button on of the crash dialogs now points to the UKSRT Discord
  • MonthToString does bounds checking now, some more SM3.95 themes will function now
  • Combo glow resets when getting a miss
  • Entering mods menu transition has been restored
  • StepP1MenuStartPressMessageCommand now works in both the Editor and ScreenGameplay. (Also for StepP2 and Lift instead of Press, naturally.)

⚡ Misc.

  • Increased priority of WaveOut for SoundDrivers preference (Thanks Lily/Staiain!)
    • Everything is so smooooooth, it's almost uncanny
    • Try playing Got More Raves on a high refresh rate monitor
  • bumpyz added as an alias for bumpy
  • Fonts created with the SM5 Texture Font Generator will now work as is
  • NotITG executable is about 190 KB smaller

❤️ Simply Love changes

  • Miss combo is now colored red
  • Fonts have been optimized (Thanks SENZOMODS!)
  • OverlayReadyMessageCommand trigger has been moved to a safer location
    • This fixes certain events going haywire, resulting in crashes.
  • Modularized FailOverlay
    • BREAKING CHANGE: config index starts at 1 now, not 0