Not In The Groove Version 4.3.0

NotITG changelog - version 4.3.0 (Early Access)

  • rebindable editor keys (xero)
  • clearer offset adjust messages (f11/f12) (sora)
  • fixed some properties not resetting on ctrl+R (taro)
  • more accurate autosync (taro)
  • fix amd model depth sorting (oatmealine)
  • better error messages (xero)
  • HUGE performance improvements (jewel)
  • cache rework (jewel)
  • no more fastload (jewel)
  • ffmpeg updates (ITGaz)
  • stb_image and dr_mp3 updates (ArcticFqx)
  • fix ctrl+r LUA_PATH being unset (jewel)
  • fix hiddenregions & notetypemult on ctrl+r (jewel)
  • fix SetSongEndTime interaction with ratemod (jewel)
  • fix crash on "GAMESTATE->m_fMusicSeconds < 4000" if chart has no notes (jewel)
  • new couples dancepoint api and screen (taro + ky)
  • grades on songwheel (taro)