OpenITG, alpha 7
OpenITG, alpha 7 - July 11th, 2008

This one's been a while in the making, but it'll hopefully prove to be 
worth the wait. This is the first build that's really expanding on ITG's 
features, and it also includes some optimizations for PC users as well.

First up, we have more arcade-accurate input debounce logic. It behaves well,
but might cause problems - if you have any troubles, contact us. The loading
of custom songs can be cancelled by pressing "Select" or "MenuLeft+MenuRight"
- no more of that dangerous USB drive pulling. Also, while the code needs 
clean-up, there is basic support for lights-cabinet charts in themed .SM 

Linux finally supports full-screen, with one very nasty problem - it doesn't
resize my desktop back to normal afterwards, unless I use Alt+F4 to close it.
Use at your own risk, and keep Ctrl+Alt+Backspace handy.

If you have any questions about any of the changes, or how to use them, drop
us a line over AIM or the BoXoRRoXoRs forums. I can't really sum up how to use
everything in this post without quite a bit of typing.

(P.S.: Tournament mode is being worked on. Poke through the source code and 
 see for yourself what's going on, if you're so inclined.)

-Preliminary, hacky lights-cabinet support in theme SM files
-Barebones work on tournament mode (it's still a while away)
-Input changes:
    Newer, more ITG-like input debouncing (half-working...)
    "Select" or "MenuLeft+MenuRight" cancels custom song loading
    Linux joystick driver is now threaded (and supports DebugUSBInput)
    X11 input code backported from 4.0
-New LUA functions:
    IsUsingMemoryCard(PlayerNumber) - self-explanatory
    Debug() - output debugging lines regardless of log settings
-New LUA globals:
    "OPENITG" (boolean) - can be used for compatibility with ITG2 AC scripts
-New (major) code functions:
-New messages:
    "CardReadyP1", "CardReadyP2" - played when a card is verified ready
-New preferences:
    "SoundVolumeAttract" - volume during attract sequences
    "ThreadedLights" - run the lights outside the regular game loop, more accurate
    "UseUnstablePIUIODriver" - set true to use the experimental I/O driver
-New config options:
    "SoundVolumeAttract" - see above
-New metrics:
    "CompareScores" (ScreenGameplay) - manually set whether to compare or not
    "OptionsList" (ScreenSelectMusic) - add a side panel to change options
    instead of the old options menu
-New Screens:
    "ScreenExitCommand" - Functions as ScreenExit, but with the ability to launch
        an executable file before exiting.  Must have 'ExecPath' and 'ExecParams' in the
        metrics entry
    "ScreenTextEntryArcade" - a more arcade-friendly text entry screen (WIP)
-Fixed bugs:
    BGCHANGES2 charts don't play properly
    Timer is stuck at 0 if timer runs out on "Chance"
    "nomines" and "nostretch" transforms have no effect in the editor menu
    (OpenGL) Arrow shader fails on full-screen, causing scrolling brackets
    Actor sounds ignore attract sound settings
    After switching themes, OpenITG crashes on the songwheel
    Theme switching sometimes causes failed asserts
    Phantom input when canceling custom song loads
    ScreenArcadeStart loops endlessly until manual exit
    Without song previews, custom song lights don't properly load
-Fixed mistakes:
    Removed some personalized testing code
    Removed some annoying opendir() error messages
-Code structure changes:
    "MiscITG" moved to "DiagnosticsUtil"