OpenITG Alpha 7 (With ITG3OG Theme Pre-Release) [OpenITGa7+ITG3OG-pre_release]

This is a pre-release of our work.

This is a fan-made revival that started where the ITG2 developers have left off, and this is dedicated to all of the players that still waiting that ITG can be revived.

Special Thanks to Infamouspat and Vyhd for the amazing work with OpenITG


Your package have the OpenITG-Alpha7 Binaries; WHY?...because Alpha8 have some mistakes and I decided release with this version. If you want to Upgrade to Alpha8 is your decision.

IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING install this in your machines or please ask in BoxorRoxors about the installation of this before touching the system of your ITG2 cabinet...

For windows/PC users: You will see the complete installation of the game, just add your songs inside the Songs Folder bla bla bla. You have the start batch file, so...if you want a easily widescreen theme please type fx instead cabinet.

This is for Testing Purposes. Questions or sugestions please go to:

anyways... Enjoy the Pre-Release =)