Alpha 4.1 Build - January 4 2020

Alternate Linux binary compiled on Arch Linux for amd64 (replace existing version in amd64 tarball)

  • New GLFW Renderer Pipeline.
  • 🐉Added Xwindow SDL2 support.
  • 🐉Tweak to remove dependency on ancient colour handling that actually slowed the game down, instead of giving it the intended performance.
  • Re-purposed GL Entrypoints to re-support ancient GL<1.5 Hardware, for Native Arcade Hardware support.
  • 🐉Fix LLW to allow for set contexts.
  • 🐉Experimental GLES2 support from Dragons.
  • Add new Lua hook for getrenderer now we have a choice.
  • 🐉Experimental HiDPI support.
  • Add Mascot to home screen.
  • Fix missing external SDL code.
  • Fix NaN crash on Actors.
  • Fix GLHandleARB mismatch.
  • Add better openGL handling for contexts on different systems.
  • 🐉Fix ImageCache forcing a D3D format causing unnecessary conversions in RageSurface.
  • Remove float based textures as they were unused.
  • Remove Rageformat PAL from the game as it's been unsupported since 2007.
  • Fix apple compiling with new pipeline.
  • Fix float errors in Gameloop.