Alpha 4.9.0HF Build - October 07th 2020 "The new Glyph System pleases Imhotep"

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Next Major Update (5.0.0 Anniversary Edition)

Turn smoothlines off to get a better play experience if your lines are being drawn thickly!

Alpha 4.8.6 September 30th 2020 "The options just do nothing..."

This build did not pass Quality Assurance, and was not released outside of the internal Alpha Testing teams. Apologies for the Delay on this release. The changelog for 4.8.6 and 4.9.0 are together in this update.

We have sorted out the issues with the misunderstanding of the StepMania project name and this will return to the project for the next alpha, with a re-brand. It was all done amicably, and it had to be acted upon due to it being reported, so no problems there.

Fonts and Language:

This month sees a pretty big revamp to the font system used in OutFox. Due to the numerous issues we have had reported to us since our project began, (missing symbols, missing characters, missing language support, missing Korean and Japanese support, etc), We have rewritten the font maps.

What this means for you? - Well, the fonts will be sharper as they are newer now, and you can generate the correct fonts for theming and such for OutFox in the future. We have a new repository for the Texture Font Generator which is a side project from @Scraticus and @Hanubeki to bring more charmaps to the game. These can be regenerated to support 5.0/5.1 and even 3.9/ITG era with a bit of work. If you do generate new fonts, please check out the guide that will be up on the MoonDance site shortly. We also have revamped the fonts that are used by mod files to be sharper and to add backwards support for the new fonts. (Beware of [main] duplication causing squares to be displayed by the game!). There is a new release of the Texture Font Generator, which includes new euro support, and legacy mapping generation for prior versions of StepMania.

TEXTURE FONT GENERATOR V0.2 / OutFox Alpha 4.9.0 -

  • ❕✅🐲📝 Fixed Missing Korean Basic Characters #109 (Thanks AngledLuffa!)
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed Missing Symbol Characters from Kanji
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed Missing Characters from Korean Hangul
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed Missing Characters from Kanji JIS
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed Missing Characters from Kanji Hojo
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed Missing Characters from Kanji GBK for Traditional Chinese
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed Missing Characters from Cyrillic and Extended Latin
  • ❕✅🐲 Regenerated outline fonts for the theme and mods
  • ❕✅🐲 Added Characters from Legacy maps - (ASCII/CP1252/ISO8859)
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed Build system on windows 10, but the MFC system needs a bit of hacking - compiled binaries are available to grab

We have also have had to add a new set of Lua Commands for this alpha. (See #121) We have been aware of this for some time, but delayed the alpha a touch so they were ready.

For backwards compatibility string.upper() and string.lower() have not been touched.

The new lua commands in this build are ToUpper() and ToLower().

To display upper case text - done on the troublesome polish characters: Text=ToUpper(Screen.String("Start To Join")) produces:


We even can do a proper UTF friendly lower case as well: Text=ToLower(Screen.String("Start To Join")) 2020-10-06_135039


We have added the option to all operating systems to be able to access this function, but be warned: the SDL window does not scale modes which your Monitor does not support in fullscreen. It will draw a border around the window if the mode is not a suitable mode. You can find these modes in the log.txt, as SDL is kind enough to display everything supported there.

We have allowed the other OS's this function for familiarity and the fact we didn't think it'd work on mac/linux, but it did.


  • ❕✅ Set locale for the game to use en_US.UTF-8 for now - This will be extended soon
  • ❕✅ Fix Missing font paths in the default theme
  • ❕✅ Remove Lua macro which did nothing to the font display
  • ❕✅📝 Fixed Bug with BeginnerHelper hiding/unhiding backgrounds causing unwanted behaviour. #104 & #105 (Thanks @SilentTempest83 !)
  • ❕✅📝 Fixed crash with resizing window on some older windows versions (7/8) #102 (Thanks @Emilovesdoubles)
  • ❕✅📝 Fixed Lirocode in Hold / Roll anchors #106 (Thanks @JapanYoshi!)
  • ❕✅📝 Fixed Lirocode in Note colours and 24th's being wrong. #111 & #112 (Thanks @AngledLuffa!)
  • ❕✅📝 Fixed missing Narumi Mascot avatar images not being available as usable avatars in game #115 (Thanks @Joehuu!)
  • ❕✅📝 Added Precision Dance Pad config entry to our GameControllerDB #117 (Thanks @AngledLuffa!)
  • ❕✅ Fixed Timing windows for ITG/ITG Advanced and ECFA
  • ❕✅ Fixed Alt+Enter leaving weird screen blackness on 75% of the space
  • ❕✅ Fixed lua timing tables and optimised the loading method
  • ❕✅📝 Fixed bug with toasties loading on the Machine Sync causing an AV (Thanks @JapanYoshi!)
  • ❕✅📝 Fixed bug with left over commands being available to the Machine Sync system causing edge crashes (Thanks @JapanYoshi!)
  • ❕✅📝 Fixed issue with missing UTF string conversion on the loading window (Thanks @Hanubeki / @JapanYoshi!)
  • ❕✅📝 Added correct font (Code2000) support in loading window (Thanks @Hanubeki / @JapanYoshi!)
  • ❕✅ Added preview to progress bar on screenselectmusic
  • ❕✅ Fixed audio preview on song select #65 (Thanks @SHRMP0!)
  • ❕✅ Fixed font presentation for soundwaves and default/fallback
  • ❕✅ Fixed missing/incorrect font redirection files
  • ❕✅ Fixed missing constructors on ActorFrameTexture
  • ❕✅🐲 Beginning of making SM Locale Aware
  • ❕✅🐲 Fix overflow on font index now we are using proper UTF-8
  • ❕✅🐲 Fix archaic practice on wide strings in font manager
  • ❕✅🐲 Fix arithmetic overflow in rageutil preventing correct bytecode allocation
  • ❕✅ Fix table indexing for high score entries overwriting previous results being shown
  • ❕✅ Rename the 5.3 default noteskin to reinstate the 5.0 default for backwards compatibility support
  • ❕✅ Make minimenu rows place on native position


  • ❕✅🐲📝 Removed potential crash on invalid DPI scaling detection - part of #88 (Thanks AngledLuffa!)
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed Alt+Enter not being able to leave full-screen causing the need for a restart
  • ❕✅ Fixed uninstaller missing shortcuts due to windows 1903 update


  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed Alt+Enter not being able to leave full-screen


  • ❕✅🐲 NEW FEATURE: Added Alt-Enter full-screen switch
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed missing locale selection for "LC_ALL" causing a crash

ARM/ARM64: (Raspberry Pi etc)

  • ❕✅🐲 NEW FEATURE: Added Alt-Enter full-screen switch
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed EGL initialisation on RPi 3B/4 trying to call the wrong driver
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed missing locale selection for "LC_ALL" causing a crash

Community Content:


  • ✅ Dark Mode by infinitephantasm
  • ✅ Chaos by moruzerinho6
  • ✅ Ice by PCBoyGames
  • ✅ Wave by AppleArcade120


  • ✅ Translations updated from Moru, SHRMP0 and SheepyChris (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • ✅ Translations updated from MoNeko (Polish)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Hanubeki (Japanese)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Jose_Varela (Spanish)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Daniel Rotwind (German)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Ksempac (French)

(The 'source' code below is the reporting issues template, it is not the source for OutFox)