PumpSanity Beta 0.95.1
Changelog sourced from: https://www.facebook.com/PumpSanity/posts/pfbid09ksbirCC8EEVQ1pNM4Fu4gokXBksStEZKjjjNLEaLo6gt3BRnbrNvoTmETsGqVpLl

Hello Everyone!

First of all we want to thank you for such great interest and reporting bugs.

But most of all people who support us on patronite. Every penny means a lot to us. Especially when red Sanita hits us over the head for bugs and takes away the food until we fix all of them. As purple, she's an angel... Her personality disorder... But back to the topic

Unfortunately, it wasn't without problems, including one serious one that made all the results inflated and did not match the original songs.

That's why we decided to reset all scoring and start over. Our patrons chose the name for this version 0.95.1 also...

Patch note for 0.95.1:


  • Fixed wrong combo count when tap and hold is on the same row
  • Fixed noteskin not save on profile
  • Fixed infinity mission zone crash
  • Streamer client improve
  • Fixed transfer score inbetween songs in music train


  • Fixed "PUMPSANITYQUEST Sterian"
  • Added "Like me" displaybpm
  • Fixed "Hellfire" S22


  • Arrangement of graphics
  • Added online/offline label on title screen
  • Fixed stage break 3rd txt
  • Added missing banners and voices


  • Fixed PartyMode being always enabled after creating it. One vs One stopped working correctly
  • Fixed PartyMode giving crash in evaluation screen (QuickFix: stop sending stats)
  • Added banners for scoring on page
  • Fixed 4 players online
  • Timeout for Connection Host from 5 to 9 seconds
  • Timeout for Random Search under Online from 7 to 11 seconds
  • AFK AutoKick from Lobby from 5 min to 7 min


  • PlayerMode+GameMode position changed
  • Mismatch icon hidden from Random Channel under Online
  • Changed color of 'bar' from blue to 'red'
  • Added percent to online (Simple)
  • Fixed porcentage from value less than 10%

Of course everything you can download on our website:


Thank you for being with us!