In The Groove System Image - Version 0.13
Changelog sourced from:
  • Updated all system packages and kernel to 5.10.11
    • Allows for more mainline package usage to prevent odd and out of date package errors.
    • Brings better compatibility for newer AMD and Nvidia GPUs as the packages are up to date.
  • Switched to linux-zen
    • Allows for high priority of USB control transfer requests for things like the PIUIO and allows for a higher tick rate
    • Allows for a more mainline kernel release as previous iterations were stuck using a custom kernel that required manual updating
  • Swapped Nouveau and Nvidia loading strategies
    • Prevents the system from being “stuck” using nouveau drivers when a proper modern nvidia card is detected
  • Swapped to unloading usbhid and reloading modified kernel object at runtime
    • Allowed for the use of a mainline kernel and portability of updates
  • Added support for PIUIO Button Board Lighting
  • Enabled Nvidia triple buffer to parity AMD TearFree
  • Updated stepmania to (commit 8ae4beb2d4313e22b2cd3a0bcf0d893e6df8f7c4)