In The Groove System Image - Version 0.16
Changelog sourced from:
  • Changed to ITGMania 0.6.0 & Updated to Simply Love 5.2.1
    • ITL 2023 Ready
    • Be sure to enable GrooveStats in the Operator Settings
    • Ensure your BIOS Clock is correctly set
      • Could cause issues with SSL connection otherwise
    • GrooveStats Launcher functionality now built into the engine.
  • Added status bar to system mode
    • Shows disk usage, version, IP address, etc.
  • Removed ALSA device 0 override
  • Added alsactl store after volume mixer for weird sound card setups
  • Removed modprobe message during GPU driver detection
  • Increased size of system and stepmania partitions
    • Only applies to clean installs
  • Change startup script to respect VSync setting from stepmania