In The Groove System Image - Version 0.5
Changelog sourced from:
  • Simply Love updated to 4.8.4
  • Stepmania 5.-1new reverted to 5-1b2
    • There was a memory leak somewhere, and there still is, but it grows at a much more manageable pace.
    • Cherry picked attract watchdog commit to combat memory leak.
    • Updated noteskins from mute
  • Added staggered PIUIO kernel module loading for Pump button boards without swapping Joy10 and Joy11.
  • Added evhz for debugging polling
  • Removed pulseaudio, changed to straight ALSA
    • Please resync your cabinet. ALSA has a lot lower latency.
  • Sets volume of all cards to 90%
  • Added color to x background (helps knowing where it is in the boot process)
  • Lights builder update
  • SD15 and other DDR upgrade bugfixes.