sm-ssc v1.0 Public Beta 3 | 20100430

There's an important change for themers that needs to be noted: We have renamed two screens in _fallback to match StepMania's names.

ScreenSelectPlayMode (previously the select style screen) has been renamed to ScreenSelectStyle.

ScreenSelectPlayStyle (previously select play mode) has been renamed to ScreenSelectPlayMode.

This change effects branches (_fallback/02 Branches.lua) and metrics, so if you're not handling the two screens yourself, you will probably have to change some things around in your theme.


  • [GameState] added DisablePremiumInEventMode metric.


  • [Course.cpp] add a few Lua bindings to CourseEntry:
    • IsSecret - bool
    • IsFixedSong - bool
    • GetGainSeconds - float
    • GetGainLives - int
    • GetNormalModifiers - string
    • GetNumModChanges - int
    • GetTextDescription - string
  • Re-add ScreenGameplaySyncMachine to project files that were missing it.


  • libpng upgraded from 1.2.7 to 1.4.1 (Windows, Mac, BSD) (libpng upgrade was not carried out for Xbox, but that version does not run anyways, so it is no operational loss.)


  • Convert |T| values in KSF files to TimeSignatures for [Player] CheckpointsUseTimeSignatures metric.


  • Add SampleMusicPreviewMode_LastSong, which gives similar behavior to DDR Extreme. There is a hack for the random music based on Takuya's DDR Extreme theme; I am unsure if this is accurate behavior or not. [AJ]
  • Allow MusicWheelItem Random and Portal to have different graphics from Roulette.
  • Added Song:HasAttacks() Lua binding.


  • Finally get rid of PLAYER_COLOR. ColorP1Command and ColorP2Command no longer exist. The last things that were being diffused with player color in the code included text in the Oni score display and ScreenSelectMusic score. I'm sure you can diffuse ScoreDisplayOni Numbers, but I can't seem to find any references to them in the metrics of any released theme. [AJ]


  • [SongManager] Added GetSongGroupNames(), GetSongsInGroup(string) Lua bindings


  • Fixed an issue where course banners were always cached, regardless of setting.


(Not jokes)

  • NextSong/PrevSong now work when TwoPartSelection=true and TwoPartConfirmsOnly=true on ScreenSelectMusic. A new message ("TwoPartConfirmCanceled") was added to catch when this happens.


  • Added Lifts to PaneDisplay. (StepMania 3.9+/Plus Redux had them)