sm-ssc v1.0 Public Beta 2 | 20100331


  • Added SONGMAN:ShortenGroupName(string) Lua binding


  • sm4svn r28340: Don't call GetFirstCompatibleStyle if numSidesJoined == 0 (ScreenContinue) [Chris Danford]
  • [ScreenSelectMusic] TwoPartTimerSeconds metric added


  • [BPMDisplay] make the "Various" text a theme-able string.
  • Allow ';' to start a comment in .ini files
  • [MenuTimer] Attempt to fix dialogs that come up when changing themes (where one theme's warning timer starts higher than another).
  • [Player] PercentUntilColorCombo metric added. [Wolfman] (float value in the range of 0..1)


  • Fixed a crash caused by switching themes in StepMania. This crash was related to the song group colors, which weren't getting reloaded on theme switch. Since themes use different numbers of group colors... crashes! Not anymore.


  • Fix a rounding bug that causes resolutions like 639x480 (4/3) and 853x480 (16/9); now they should be 640x480 and 854x480 as expected. Applies to screenshots as well. (Also, this fixes Midiman's pet peeve of having to add +1 to SCREEN_WIDTH)
    • [RageDisplay.cpp] modified screenshot function
    • [ScreenDimensions] modified SCREEN_WIDTH and SCREEN_HEIGHT algorithms
    • [StepMania.cpp] modified windowed mode width calculation


  • Make steps labeled as "freestyle" in .ksfs use doubles


  • ScoreKeeperNormal double shot. 1) convert toasty trigger from a single number to a Lua table. Only problem is, the toasty only triggers on the first one. Since this makes it equivalent to how it was set up before, I'm okay with this. [AJ] 2) FSX submitted a patch that supposedly fixes the broken combo problem. I can't fully test this, so I'm committing it in the hopes that someone else tests it too.


  • sm4svn r28332: if a BGCHANGE file can't be resolved, don't use the specified effect because it may require 2 files and all random BGs specify only 1 file [Chris Danford]
  • SM4SVN r28328, "draw glow using stroke texture" forces the BitmapText to glow both the inner and stroke elements. This makes BitmapText elements with an invisible stroke have a glowing stroke instead. Not good. To combat this, I have developed the BitmapText::textglowmode command, along with the TextGlowMode enum. Valid values include 'TextGlowMode_Inner', 'TextGlowMode_Stroke', 'TextGlowMode_Both'. [AJ]


  • [Player.cpp] Don't add checkpoints to the combo if Autoplay is on.
  • Re-add the ability to reload a theme's Lua scripts, this time using Ctrl+F2.
  • Convert GrooveRadar base into an AutoActor. (Now it can use a Lua BGAnim.)


  • [ScreenSelectMaster] Add GetSelectionIndex(pn) Lua binding. (You'll have to call this one using SCREENMAN:GetTopScreen():GetSelectionIndex(PLAYER_1) or something like that.)


  • [PlayerStageStats] add GetPercentageOfTaps(TapNoteScore) Lua binding
  • [PlayerState] add GetMultiPlayerNumber() Lua binding (untested)

sm4svn catch up, all by Chris Danford:

  • r28326: fix handling of noteskins with an uppercase letter
  • r28327: track W4 full combo
  • r28328: draw glow using stroke texture


  • [ScreenEvaluation] New metric DetailLineFormat. Must contain two integer flags (%d or %i should work.)


  • [ScreenNetEvaluation] add GetNumActivePlayers() binding and UpdateNetEvalStats message (one param, ActivePlayerIndex). This is currently untested.


  • Re-add SM4SVN r28063 "Allow for 'confirmation only' double press mechanisms as a choice for two part selection on ScreenSelectMusic" since 1) It actually did have a use 2) [AJ] was thinking of adding it anyways and forgot it was already made.