sm-ssc Private Beta Wave 1.4 | 20100125


  • Catching up with StepMania 4 SVN. All code by Glenn Maynard.
    • r28254 (GameConstantsAndTypes.h GameManager.cpp): routine style for pump
    • r28255 Steps.cpp: fix routine special case so it works in all styles
    • r28256 ScoreKeeper.cpp: support ScoreKeeperShared in ScoreKeeper::MakeScoreKeeper
    • r28257 ScreenGameplayShared.cpp: update old ScreenGameplayShared code to mostly use PlayerInfo::Load; fixes some stuff but still not right


  • [Player] new ScoreMissedHoldsAndRolls metric (FSX)
  • [Song] add GetFirstBeat and GetLastBeat Lua bindings
  • Make RandomBackgroundMode use BGMODE_RANDOMMOVIES by default


  • Add support for Pump It Up delays with #DELAYS tag in .sm files & treating all stops in .KSF files as delays.
  • Use RollingNumbers methods in ScreenNetEvaluation now that ScreenEvaluation uses them, as opposed to settext (which caused a few visual issues).
  • [ScreenEvaluation] add SongOptions as a metric-able item.


  • Make FGAnimations (#FGCHANGES:) work again. (hopefully; it semeed to work using a test file.)


mostly [ScreenNetSelectBase] related changes:

  • remove some now-unused metrics (namely ChatInputBoxWidth/Height and ChatOutputBoxWidth/Height).
  • Rename "Meter" to "StepsDisplay"
  • RoomWheel now uses a MusicWheel-like setup for items (NormalPart/ColorPart) instead of a single bar graphic.


  • [ScreenNetSelectBase] Sprite -> AutoActor for chat boxes, un-hardcode some commands on items to allow for better theming.
  • Disable Control+Letter "sort by title" shortcut in course mode.


  • Pump-Doubles has better (more accurate?) spacing between the two sides
  • Enable saving replays. The replay data format will likely change over time, and there is currently no mechanism to replay the data back as another player.


  • add GAMESTATE:GetHardestStepsDifficulty() Lua binding
  • Don't complain about #SELECTABLE:Roulette; even though it's not implemented for some reason.


  • Added more milestones (25, 50, 250)
  • {issue 73} If the wheel is locked, don't accept Ctrl+Letter to sort
  • [NotesLoaderKSF] implement DirectMove |E| type (DelayBeat)


  • [CourseLoaderCRS.cpp] add GRADEBEST and GRADEWORST to possible values.


  • [GameConstantsAndTypes.h] bump MAX_METER from 13 to 20.
  • [MemoryCardManager] add GetName(pn) Lua binding. Returns the name of the device.