sm-ssc v1.0 Release Candidate 1.5 | 20100723


  • Major tweaks to notesloaderksf, |E| Tags are working as they should now [Daisuke Master]
  • More column spacing values edited for Pump [Daisuke Master]


  • Allow noteskins to use animation based on beats or seconds via a new noteskin metric: AnimationIsBeatBased. [Daisuke Master]
  • Widen the lane for the middle note in kb7. [shakesoda]


  • Change screenshot naming format from "screen#####" to "YYYY-MM-DD_HHMMSS". This should solve an issue where screen00000 was getting written multiple times for unknown reasons.
  • Make EnteredPrevSteps/EnteredNextSteps codes only trigger if CHANGE_STEPS_WITH_GAME_BUTTONS = true. [Daisuke Master]
  • [ScreenGameplay] Added UnpauseWithStart metric. [Daisuke Master]



  • r28385: Fix memory card port handling on newer kernels. There's got to be a better way to parse out a USB device's connection path. [Glenn Maynard]
  • r28386: Fix partitioned USB devices not always being seen correctly due to race condition with the kernel partition scan. The sleep was a hack to work around this issue which doesn't work in all cases. [Glenn Maynard]


  • Added Menu(Left/Right/Up/Down)(P1/P2) messages to ScreenOptions.
  • [ScreenSelectMusic] Add ChangeStepsWithGameButtons, PreviousDifficultyButton, and NextDifficultyButton metrics, allowing the themer to not have to use CodeDetector. [Daisuke Master]


  • Fix spacing of various pump modes. [Daisuke Master]



  • r28376: use GetProcessImageFileName instead of GetModuleFileNameEx; it works in more cases, eg. when losing focus to the taskbar [Glenn Maynard]


  • Modify Autoplay/AutoplayCPU's tap note offset code to generate proper offsets (as opposed to offsets between -0.1f and 0.1f, which makes Selling Out Made Simple 2's protiming look weird).


  • [ScreenSelectProfile] Transplant menu input functions from ScreenSelectMaster. Now you no longer have to rely on stuffing the directions into the Codeset. (Of course, you still have to handle Start and Back yourself.)


  • [ScreenSelectMusic] add a code for closing the current folder from any location (a la DDR X2).


  • [Player] add RequireStepOnMines metric. This allows DDR's Shock Arrows to be emulated. (currently incomplete) [FSX]



  • r28374: add GetBestFullComboTapNoteScore [Chris Danford] (This replaces the IsFullComboW* bindings, which we never fully took in. -aj)


  • [Course] add GetCourseEntries() Lua binding.
  • [Trail] add GetEntries() Lua binding.
  • [ScreenTextEntry] replace hardcoded underscore and double space with AnswerCaret and AnswerBlank strings.



  • r28372: use MercifulDrain logic for MercifulBeginner [Chris Danford]
  • r28373: don't override user scroll in courses [Chris Danford]


sm4svn commits:

  • r28367: fix resampler noise [Glenn Maynard]
  • r28368: fix get_readable_ranges error handling [Glenn Maynard]
  • r28369: don't use fprintf from the crash handler [Glenn Maynard]
  • r28370: work around not all recursive crashes being caught [Glenn Maynard]
  • r28371: use /proc weirdness to make the crash handler work even after the binary has been deleted or replaced [Glenn Maynard]


  • [ScreenDebugOverlay] add new metrics: LineStartY, LineSpacing, LineButtonX, LineFunctionX.
  • Fix an odd mapping issue in dance mode where keypad 7 and 9 would control up/down as well as upleft/upright. (Numpad 8 is now up and numpad 2 is now down.)
  • Step editor can now process meters from 0-25.
  • MAX_METER upped to 35.


  • Fix an issue involving setting a group via GameCommand and a metric ([MusicWheel] UseSectionsWithPreferredGroup=false). Previously, this situation would ignore the group and show all songs. Instead, it has been fixed to work as intended, only showing the songs in that group. (A DDR 4th Mix theme is feasible again.)
  • If [MusicWheel] UseSectionsWithPreferredGroup=true and a song group is set via GameCommand, the wheel will now scroll to the first song in the desired group, instead of the very first wheel item.
  • [CourseUtil] make the "All Songs" course use the current theme's Graphics/Banner all music file.