DDR PC Edition (StepMania 0.5 Alpha)

Marked on the StepMania website as 0.50 in 2003, this build from 2001 featured many of the assets from the DDR PC Edition build made by Chris Danford back in August that same year.

The boot-up screen. Features Chris's name front and center, with a design similar to Sega's AM2 development team logo.

Attract screen, features the same animation which would be present until 1.64, which showcases all different DDR releases.

Title screen. The biggest difference here is the logo, menu font and the inclusion of PSX controller layouts for input.

Style selection, Single2 and Single4 are still present from the DDR PC M1 days.

Player Join-In. Seems players needed to confirm that they were playing to determine single and versus play on single modes.

Song selection screen, lacks information about groups as they were not implemented yet until 0.92. Everything was sorted via genres.