StepMania 5.0.11

StepMania 5.0.11; release notes compiled and Markdown formatted by @kyzentun:

This is divided into two sections:

  • Player visible changes: Bug fixes and a couple new preferences.
  • Themer visible changes: Bug fixes, new lua functions, new metrics.

Items are roughly grouped into the general part of StepMania they fit into.

Player visible changes:

Edit Mode:

  • Beat bars are drawn properly when M-mods are used.
  • Added "Clear timing in region" to timing menu.
  • Fixed crash that occurs when "Paste timing data" is used after copying a
    region of timing data that only contains stops.


  • Added a pause menu to the default theme. This menu can be brought up by
    pressing Select or Back twice, or by pressing MenuLeft and MenuRight at the
    same time. The pause menu allows exiting from the middle of the song or
    restarting the song or continuing.
  • In an Endless course, songs will only be repeated after all songs
    in the group have been played.


  • Bahasa Indonesian translation added to default theme.


Minimaid driver added for Linux. This is practically identical to the
Windows minimaid driver that pkgingo wrote.


Added DisableUploadDir preference to skip saving a score entry to Save/Upload
every time a song is played. Generating the unique filename can take several
seconds when there are years of scores accumulated. This preference defaults
to false.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed No Fakes mod to remove fakes inside warps.
  • Colon key should be mappable.
  • BG Brightness is no longer forced to 100% on songs that only have a
    beginner chart.
  • Graphics/Sound options screen should not crash or hang on load anymore.
    The list of resolutions was being fetched in an inefficient and buggy way.
  • Linux event devices now start at JOY10 instead of JOY1. Without this
    change, if one dance pad is a joystick device, and the other is an event
    device, they will both be JOY1, and stepmania will think they are the same
    dance pad. If you use Linux, assume that you have to remap your dance pad.
  • Stepmania will force disconnection from the SMO server when entering the
    jukebox or sync calibration screens to avoid crash.

Themer visible changes:

Bug fixes and new functions:

  • Bug fixes are marked with [B].
  • Functions are marked with [F].
  • Metrics added are marked with [M].


  • [F] get_tween_uses_effect_delta and set_tween_uses_effect_delta added.


  • [F] get_sound_driver_list added.


  • [B] OS X special files should be ignored in general.
  • [B] Lua functions for RageFile should now emit an error when the file was
    not opened correctly instead of crashing.


  • [F] ChangeLife and SetLife added.


  • [B] Judgment levels in popn game mode now use W1 to W5.


  • [F] get_input_redirected and set_input_redirected added.


  • Using lua music files for the section music and similar things works now.
  • [F] Added CanOpenOptionsList. OpenOptionsList will do nothing if
    CanOpenOptionsList returns false.