StepMania 5.1 Beta 2


Roadmap notes

A decision was made to delay some of the more signifigant changes originally intended for 5.1 to a future release, which will be known as StepMania 5.2 (see here for more details), and is in continued development on the master branch. At the same time, a new iteration of 5.1 was forked from the branch of 5.0, which features enhancements and other internal improvements, whilst aiming to be "almost entirely compatible" with content designed for 5.0.x, such as themes.

In other words, the previous preview release made under the version number 5.1, "5.1 -3", is actually an alpha build of what is now known as StepMania 5.2 on the Master branch. This is the first preview release based on the 5.1-new branch, created as a result of the aforementioned fork.


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Notes when upgrading

The user data directory has been changed to reflect the new version number;

  • Windows: %APPDATA%/StepMania 5.1/
  • Linux: ~/.stepmania-5.1/
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/StepMania 5.1/

The Alternate folder preferences can be used to share content such as songs between multiple versions of StepMania.

Changes since Beta 1

Player-visible changes

  • The new default theme has undergone visual changes, including a revised color scheme and flatter appearance. Other minor adjustments have also been made.
  • Make announcers repeat their lines less (#1624 )
  • Add connection timeout to StepMania Online sockets (#1651)
  • Turn lights off on exit (#1646)

Creator-visible changes

  • Fixed handling of ThemePrefs on themes that are children (#1628)
  • Make getenv() and setenv() actually get and set the current env (52dbc11)
  • The ScreenFilter env will be nil sometimes, catch that (6452449)
  • Improve DrawQuads batching in the font render. (#1654)

Bug fixes

  • Moved display zbuffer clear to after notefields are drawn (#1679)
  • Initialise variables to ensure input thread is started (#1696)
  • Preserve event timestamps in X11 input driver (#1702)
  • Corrected Lua documentation for SONGMAN:GetCoursesInGroup() (#1712)
  • Correct implementation of grade tiers in Lambda (#1717)


  • Fix compiling on Linux by updating the libmmmagic binaries. (#1352)