sm-ssc v1.2.3 | 20110323


  • [MusicWheelItem] Added Label param, renamed SongGroup param to Text. [AJ]


  • [WheelBase] Add GetCurrentIndex and GetNumItems Lua bindings. [AJ]
  • [ScreenSelectMusic] Add GetMusicWheel Lua binding. [AJ]
  • Added custom MusicWheel items. [AJ]
  • [MeterDisplay] Add Lua binding. "Allow setting and changing the width dynamically. Phase out the "StreamWidth" node property; set it with SetStreamWidth instead." [Glenn Maynard]


  • Added #COMBOS tag to the .ssc format. [Wolfman2000]


  • [ScreenGameplaySyncMachine] Allow themers to use either .ssc or .sm files. [AJ]
  • [ScreenHowToPlay] Allow themers to use either .ssc or .sm files. [AJ]
  • [ScreenGameplay] Footer to prevent 'arrow overflow' [Midiman]


  • Allow Tickcount Segments to have a value of 0 to better replicate some charts in the Pump series. [Wolfman2000]


  • Add Fakes to the RadarCategories. [Wolfman2000]
  • [ScreenEdit] Display the number of Lifts and Fakes in a stepchart in the editor. These use metrics, so the lines can be made empty in themes that require them. [Wolfman2000]
  • [ArrowEffects] Allow for dizzy hold heads. Again, enable at your own risk. [Wolfman2000]
  • [StepsDisplay] Allow for displaying the chart artist in a separate field. This defaults to false for the moment. [Wolfman2000]
  • [PlayerOptions, NoteDataUtil] Add transform mods for removing lifts and fakes from the Notedata. This mods can disqualify of course. [Wolfman2000]


  • [PlayerState] The old GetPlayerOptions() binding is now GetPlayerOptionsString(). There is a new GetPlayerOptions() binding that gets the PlayerOptions object, which has a GetNoteSkin() binding (and hopefully more in the future). [AJ]


  • [ScreenOptionsToggleSongs] The structure of this screen has now changed. Before, it contained the entire list of songs. Now, the main page (ScreenOptionsToggleSongs) holds the groups, and a sub-page (ScreenOptionsToggleSongsSubPage) holds the songs in each group. [AJ]


  • Add lifts and fakes to all Pump noteskins. [Daisuke Master, Wolfman2000]


  • [NotesLoaderSSC] Allowed reading of #NOTES2 again. [AJ]


  • [Steps] Added GetChartStyle() Lua binding. [AJ]


  • [ScreenEdit] Display the Player Number for Routine mode. [Wolfman2000]
  • [ScreenEdit] Add format string metrics for the right hand side of the editor. [Wolfman2000]


  • Reverted ArrowSpacing back to 64 (which was the previous value). Please re-adjust your speed mods accordingly. [AJ]
  • [OptionRow] Added GetLayoutType() and GetSelectType() Lua bindings. [AJ]
  • Fix .sm-style edits not being loaded. [AJ]
  • [Common] Added OperatorMenuScreen metric. [AJ]