sm-ssc v1.2.5 | 20110501


  • [ScreenOptions] Renamed "ScreenOptions LineHighlight" to "ScreenOptions LineHighlight P#", making it load per-player. [AJ]
  • [OptionRow] Added Text param to RefreshMessageCommand. [AJ]
  • [ScreenOptions] Added SelectMultipleMessageCommand, ChangeValueMessageCommand. [AJ]
  • [UnlockEntry] Added GetCourse, GetCode Lua bindings. [AJ]
  • [UnlockManager] Added UnlockRequirement_NumUnlocked enum. [AJ]
  • [Song] Added Origin (#ORIGIN tag in .ssc) [AJ]
  • [UnlockManager] Added GetPoints(UnlockRequirement), GetPointsForProfile(Profile,UnlockRequirement) Lua bindings. [AJ]
  • [Course] Added #SCRIPTER tag and GetScripter Lua binding. [AJ]


  • [BeginnerHelper] Various changes: [AJ]
    • Changed Player_#X/Y metrics to Player#X/Y metrics for consistency.
    • Converted the background to an AutoActor.
  • [BPMDisplay] Added SetFromSong Lua binding. [AJ]


  • [CourseLoaderCRS] Fixed loading of Player's Best/Most Played courses, probably others too. [AJ]
  • [ScreenGameplaySyncMachine] Fixed a crash when entering ScreenGameplaySyncMachine as Player 2. (Fixes issue 127) [AJ]
  • [ScreenOptionsEditCourse] Fixed a crash when going to the first row. (Fixes issue 235) [AJ]
  • [SongManager] Added GetCourseGroupNames Lua binding. [AJ]


  • [Banner] Added ScrollSpeedDivisor metric; controls the scroll speed of Random/Roulette banners. [AJ]
  • [FadingBanner] Added BannerRoulette, BannerRandom, and Banner(Custom Item Name) commands. [AJ]


  • [ScreenSelectMusic] Changed "Percent Frame p1" to "PercentFrame P1" for consistency. [AJ]
  • [LifeMeterBattery] Convert Frame to an AutoActor. [AJ]
  • [ScreenEvaluation] Added RollingNumbersClass metric, allowing for the ability to change which RollingNumbers class is loaded. [AJ]
  • [ScreenGameplay] Added SongNumberFormat metric. [AJ]


  • [CourseContentsList] Fix a crash. [AJ]


  • [PlayerOptions] Added UsingReverse() Lua binding (automatically tests GetReverse() == 1) [AJ]
  • [PlayerState] Added GetCurrentPlayerOptions() Lua binding [AJ]


  • [ScreenSelectMusic] Made score frame into an AutoActor, changed the filename from "score frame p1" to "ScoreFrame P1" for consistency with other elements. [AJ]


  • [ScreenEdit] Allow modifying the #DISPLAYBPM traits in the editor. Look in Edit Song Info to find it. [Wolfman2000]


  • Fix a crash (issue 247) when exiting Practice mode from dance-solo, dance-threepanel, and popn-nine (all of which can only have one player). If you find any other modes this crashes on, let us know. [AJ]


  • [ScreenEdit] Changed sample playback button to L. [AJ]
  • [ScreenGameplay] Announcers say combo messages again. [AJ]