StepP1 1.0.2 Release

Patch notes:

  • Default video renderer has changed to DirectX, fixes freezes on some computers when attempting to change video settings
  • Fixed Random channel not showing up
    • Due to RageFile limitations, the Screenshots folder was removed in order for the game to read RandomSongs once again
  • Added letter grades to be displayed with personal scores, machine scores and on the step chart list
    • Due to high score limitations in not being able to save stage break conditions, all grades will be colored
    • Some charts might display scores from other charts, this is due to them sharing the same difficulty and details and roots back to being a StepMania issue. Sorry for any inconveniences
  • Fixed alignment issues with certain UI elements when running the game in 4:3
  • New step chart artist label added while loading into gameplay (SofiaXY)
  • New StepP1 logo which better resembles the original Event graphic (SofiaXY)
  • New proper Andamiro logo screen which matches more the original games (SofiaXY)
  • Added machine name to evaluation (name can be modified in Themes\Fiesta 2\BGAnimations\ScreenEvaluationNormal decorations\default.lua) (SofiaXY)
  • Judgment and combo animations adjusted to be more accurate to the original games (SofiaXY)
  • Several modifier icons were tweaked and adjusted for better readibility (SofiaXY)
  • Player badges profile pictures restored to stock Prime ones (SofiaXY)
  • Added initial Portuguese translation and updated English and Spanish to correct mistakes (SHRMP0)