Sushi Violation Final

Additional notes

Forgot to post here

Uses dedicated menu button layout, also AutoPlayCPU is on I just forgot about that until a day after releasing it


This is it. It's finally over.

The official FINAL build of Sushi Violation is here! This means, unless I want to add some stuff, there will no longer be Sushi Violation releases from this point on.

It was time I decided to step down and let the series rest for good this time, I am retiring from StepMania entirely as a result. I put a ton of work into this project over the past five years, and I am very proud of how amazing things turned out in the final era of this god forsaken game.

I really hope everyone can get a laugh out of this game for the fun of it, and also love Sushi as much as I do. SV was one of those projects I held my hand hoping it would be unique, and my god had The FINAL Update completed that mission.

I hope everyone enjoys The Ultimate Sushi Dance Floor, I really really hope.


  • The styles are still dumb, Parallel/Beginner not being unique, whatever. It's no longer a priority as I'm moving on to bigger things.
  • There are some songs without charts, like in the data. These were cut last minute. 😦
  • How to play was never translated, completely overlooked.


  • We have around 170 songs!!! YESSSSSS!!!!
  • The ultimate noteskin has been added: Sushi noteskin! Don't use it, it's very bad.
  • A number of song received stage updates; stages are pretty much boss battles but without the mods on the chart.
  • Some bugfixes?
  • The SV original tracks have been added! Check them out!
  • Some old songs received new charts.
  • Some songs received new graphics.
  • Changed the intro movie, once again... The following changes are correcting the English version to say "Ultimate" instead "1st" Sushi Dance Floor to officially say we're not making a dance game sequel. Laura's full render also appears more clearly in the ending of the intro movie.
  • Full credits screen now selectable! Thanks to everyone involved with the project!

That should cover all the things about the official final build of SV2018. If there are any other problems, I don't know. Maybe we'll fix it but right now we are moving on. Thank you for playing!

-Team Sushi Presentations