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This topic has been rambling my mind for the past 2 weeks, and requires some explanation.

Recently, it's been more inevitable that I'll be moving to a new place in order to get away from my father given he's not respected the ruling we did to stop with his drinking or more specifically avoiding theraphy sessions to stop drinking (It's an ongoing thing that we've been trying to get him to do for almost a decade now).

Now at this point, my mother has been looking for spots, and there are finally some candidates to choose from that are quite nice, but the rent prices might be a bit steep given the fact that they're apartments and most of them don't cover stuff like water and electricity. At this point, given it's going to be my sister, me and my mother who are going to move out, we don't really have a stable way to generate income, as my mom's been the one who's supported at this expense.

I still don't know the exact time when we'll perform the move, but just in case, i've decided to open up for donations to help with this.

I'll also possibly open up for theme commissions or maybe start making more music to put on bandcamp, given I practice music theory a bit more and get the hang of it to make my music more listenable. But I'll make an announcement about that once I'm able to do it, given I'm still doing university stuff.

So, if possible, maybe consider it?